Monday, 30 July 2012

(v0.8) Cleaner searches, better error handling



Version 0.8 of the Theorem Linker has been updated with the following:
  • Built-in document styles(article, letter, report, etc.) are no longer searched for theorem definitions.
  • When a syntactical  error is found, Theorem Linker will notify the user instead of simply closing.
  • Both \input{anexamplepaper.tex} and \input{anexamplepaper} will find the file named "anexamplepaper.tex"
Download version 0.8

Friday, 20 July 2012

(v0.7) Added .cls searching



(More notes to be added later)

  • Theorem linker will now check for a .cls file, if any theorems are defined inside this class file, they can also be found inside the LaTeX file.
  • Reordered Verex names in graphs (theorem followed by label, previously it was the reverse).
  • Fixed error using -p where if "end of proof" always ended with newline
Download v0.7